August 21, 2017 – “And So, The Journey Begins”

This is the post excerpt.

Hello, everyone!

I am Steven Trelstad, a graduate student at the University Central of Florida who is starting his journey toward a Master’s Degree specialized in Public History. This fall is my first semester is the first step in that journey and among the classes I am taking is an internship at  the University of Central Florida’s Library Special Collections and University Archives. Though this blog is part of the assignments for the class, I hope to make it enjoyable and educational as best as I can. Disclaimer: the opinions of this blog are strictly my own and may or may not share those at the University of Central Florida.

The first week of classes begins and I met with Senior Archivist Mary Rubin who will be supervising me during my internship at the moment. It was decided during my interview for my internship that I one of my projects would be handling a collection belonging to UCF Hall of Famer Michael O’Shaughnessy ( But, before I began my tasks, I was given more of a tour that was not covered in the one following my interview.

I was shown where the gloves were (note: the need to find the right size is critical) as well as the other supplies like folders, sleeves, and the like were as well as other procedures. We took the elevator to the first floor, a place a became very familiar with as an undergraduate. Ms. Rubin took me to a room I never knew was there, but it made sense for it to exist. Here we gathered O’Shaughnessy Collection boxes, put them on an empty cart and went back to the 5th floor.

Before working on the boxes and the contents inside, Ms. Rubin had me log on to a computer and show me the website and its directories ( She explained at some point, I’ll be helping code the website. That’ll be interesting.

I then was left to sort the boxes. I mostly spent my time working through box 3. Checking if staples were on the documents, removing folders and inserting sleeves, clipping documents together, and sorting the contents (wearing gloves of course). I concluded Mr. O’Shaughnessy was busy man after sorting through his ticket stubs. I also took a look at his game plans against other teams like Albany. I thought “What would anyone from those teams back in the day give to see these?” The buttons Mr. O’Shaughnessy collected gave Ms. Rubin a laugh. I love this.

Ms. Rubin took a break fifteen minutes before I left, so I did not see her. I am very grateful for her allowing me this opportunity and hopefully it remains a positive one. That’s all for now. I’ll post about tomorrow, so keep your eye open!