January 25, 2019 – “1964 World’s Fair, Antique Cars, and Knowledge of Macaws”

Hello, everyone!

When I woke up this morning and checked my inbox, Mr. Benjamin sent an email saying that he was bringing donuts in solidarity of National Fun At Work Day (which I found out is on Monday, January 28). This certainly surprised me and set the tone for the rest of the day. While in the premature festive spirit, I enjoyed reviewing the footage of Home Movie Collection. The footage captured a special event – the 1964-1965 World’s Fair – at various stages of development, tested my ability to identify vehicles, and resuscitated knowledge accumulated regarding a certain species of bird. Of course these were not the only events and subjects captured on film, they just remain notable in relation to my familiarity with them.

As soon as I was able to start watching films, I finished watching the footage of RM_88 from yesterday. Unlike RM_87, there was not a rapid succession of footage that had to be paused every so often. In fact, the film was pretty stable. Unfortunately, a landmark stumped me and I could not identify it. I made note of it and moved on.

The next batch started with a familiar scene of a wedding that somehow was siphoned from the rest of  RM_89. Only three minutes long, the footage contained the bride and groom arriving, a house in the middle of being erected, some of the guests, and of course the “rice showering” of the newlyweds. The rest of RM_89 (combined with RM_90) contained different footage of the graduation of the Class of 1964 seen in another reel and a trip to New York. This latter trip interested me greatly as the family filmed the construction of several pavilions used in the 1964 World’s Fair.

The 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair took place at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, New York. The parts shown in the footage include the Florida pavilion, the New York pavilion, the General Motors pavilion, and the Unisphere. Despite not shown in the footage, Walt Disney also built attractions for the fair. When I perused the Harrison “Buzz” Price Collection, I noticed documents relating to Disney’s involvement in the Fair and I never thought they would be relevant in a future collection.

As the footage rolled on, the relatives of Miriam Rowe provided a glimpse of life at home and the innocense of childhood. Kids jumping in the pool, playing with the family Boston terrier, and even Ring Around the Rosie. In the midst of these precious moments, a challenge presented itself. A visitor came with his antique car, which became the center of attention. As such, I attempted identify it.

Using the snipping tool, I created an image file of the car and used Yandex’s image search. While the car had seen its better days, the best car that matched all the features was the Ford Model A. Developed between 1927 and 1931, the Model A was an antique even by 1964! The family had another suprise as the father pulled out of the driveway in a car that seemed out of place for the 1960s. I repeated my methods and revealed this car as a Chevrolet Deluxe, particularly the models produced from 1949 to 1952.

Obscure knowledge seemed to be my forte for the day. As I reviewed footage of the family’s attendance of a “parrot show” (trained birds performing several feats), I further described the birds. Knowledge accumulated from years of visiting the Brevard Zoo with my grandmother somehow became useful in my endeavors. The “parrots” included red-and-green macaws, scarlet macaws, blue-and-gold macaws, and hyacinth macaws that performed tasks such raising a flag, pulling toy chariots, using slides, and rolling over. The highspot involved a yellow-crested cockatoo (sadly, a species now critically endangered) riding a bicycle.

Unfortunately, my departure time approached not too long after witnessing the troupe of macaws and cockatoos. Before I left, Mr. Ogreten invited me to have a slice of cake and I happily oblidged. After eating my cake, I packed the hard drive and returned it with the record box to the stack before bidding farewell to everyone.

In review, I identified two antique cars, noted the historical event known as the 1964 World’s Fair, and witnessed the routines of performing macaws and cockatoos. Monday is National Fun At Work Day and with it comes my cleaning duties. Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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