October 25, 2018 – “Some Assistance is Required”

Hello, everyone!

After completing a monumental task such as the finding aid for the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection, focusing my attention to a minimal, but engaging objective is therapeutic. As noted in previous blogposts, one of the remaining tasks left for the collection was housing the VHS tapes. I had decided to prioritize this short-term goal for my work today since it was my shortest shift of the week. While working this assignment, I gained some assistance in the form of Kyle, one of my colleagues, who helped increase the completion rate enough where I was able to move on to my next task.  The details of this experience may not seem long, but they can help contextualize the events that transpired.

When I retrieved the video box from the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection, among the first objectives I set to complete was to correct a label that was not centered correctly in one of the VHS tapes. The other was to create a template that be used to trace out the excess paper needed to be cut in the creation of more labels. To complete first objective, the matter of figuring how much of the bottom layer needed to be trimmed was crucial and thankfully, I was able to fight a straight edge keep from cutting the paper more than needed. The second objective was one that should have been done yesterday as I used a blank sheet of paper to be trimmed to fit inside the VHS case sleeve. With another tool at my disposal, making labels became much simpler.

Time passed by as I typed the labels, printed them, and trimmed them to fit inside the case sleeves. I nearly had five cases (out of fourteen) left to complete when Mr. Ogreten asked me if my colleague could help me with the collection. I thought about it and told Mr. Ogreten that I would welcome the help. Apparently, Kyle had reached an impasse on his current collection and Ms. Rubin was not available for him to consult. As such, Mr. Ogreten had been assigning him minor tasks to preoccupy Kyle’s time.

I explained to Kyle what I was doing and the steps involved. Afterwards, I printed the remaining labels needed and we traded the template between ourselves until all of the VHS cases had their respective fitted properly. When we were done, I returned the box to its space on the shelves and reported to Mr. Ogreten. Deciding what to do next was narrowed due to circumstance.

Since the boxes that will became the new Boxes 80 and 81 were just ordered, relabeling all the boxes have been paused for the time being. Additionally, Mr. Ogreten told me he was still checking through the finding aid and the timeline could not be worked on until he was finished. The only task left was applying the new label (stylized as “SC19/Box Number/Folder Number”) on each folder in the collection. So, I retrieved Box 1 and Mr. Ogreten where on the folders this new label should go, then proceeded to act upon those instructions. I finished Box 1’s folders just in time to log off and say farewell to everyone before leaving for the day.

In review, all the VHS tapes had been housed, given new labels, and gave all of Box 1’s folders the new label. Next will entail more of the same, but do not expect a blogpost on Tuesday as I will be taking my Capstone Comprehensive Exam instead. Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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