October 23, 2018 – “Blitz Shift”

Hello, everyone!

If I could describe my shift at the archives today, I would call it a “Blitz Shift.” The definition of a Blitz Shift would be a work shift in which the passage of time seems to be fast as lightning based on the amount of accomplished objects accumulated. During today’s shift, I managed to encode the Correspondence Series and the Multimedia Series into the finding aid of the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection. There were a lot of items and folders between the two series, but the encoding process had become so rudimentary that only a few numbers had to be changed. There is more details than just these vague statements, so allow the rest of the entry to elaborate them.

Before I walked into the office, I noticed another class was visiting the archives and examining collections in the reading room. I tried my best not to disturb them as I walked quietly to the door where the rest of the office is located. Once I was in the office proper, I greeted everyone and logged onto a computer to resume encoding entries into the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection finding aid.

Yesterday, I had paused my progress as I was about begin the Correspondence Series. At a glance, the series might seem intimidating (not as intimidating as the Senate Files Series, though). Fortunately, most of the labels of the folders of that series have the words “General Correspondence” within them. The copy and paste function is a tremendous time saver that reduced such hassles.

Due to how these folders were labeled, the encoding of the series seemed to pass by quickly and eventually I was finished with little to no trouble at all. The Multimedia Files Series was next and each subseries entailed a different format. The template for folders were already established from past series and this allowed the Magazines, Newspapers, and Newspaper Clippings subseries to be encoded in relatively easy fashion. The Audio, Digital, and Video subseries needed special templates for the items stored in their respective boxes. Few of them shared folders, so I had to be mindful of what I was encoding.

Much to my delight, the Multimedia Files Series was completely encoded as well in short order. I was determined to continue as far as I could into the Personal Files Series, the contents of which involved materials that had nothing to do with Senator Stuart’s political career. Before the end of my shift, I managed to encode the first box of the series! Alas, my shift ended as I saved my progress and logged off from my computer. I bid farewell to my colleagues after devouring the remnants of Lay’s Pimento Cheese flavored chips.

In review,  the Correspondence Series and the Multimedia Files Series were completely encoded, the first box of the Personal Files Series was encoded, and the remaining Lay’s Pimento Cheese flavored chips were eaten. Tomorrow, the rest of the Personal Files Series will probably be encoded and progress will continue into the Photographs Series. Until then, enjoy the rest of the evening and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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