October 18, 2018 – “A Sizeable Portion”

Hello, everyone!

Today’s activities certainly made up for the setbacks from yesterday. Eight boxes were encoded onto the finding aid of the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection, a sizeable portion of the Campaign Files Series. This feat is by no means a small accomplishment, but is one that could have been reached sooner. Nevertheless, there is more details involved in my short Thursday shift that is worth extrapolating from.

Like usual, I commandeered a computer to resume from the progress made yesterday in the finding aid. I had just begun encoding the Campaign Files Series and the goal for the day was to encode at least six boxes by the end of the shift. At first, encoding Boxes 46 through 49 involved little difficulty. Encoding Boxes 50 through 54 was a different matter.

Either Box 50 or 51 had a stack of campaign volunteer lists that were printed on computer paper. Lists from 1986 and 1987 were still able to fit into a folder, but a large, continuous mass was not able to placed into folder. This mass was not initially added to the spreadsheet, so there was not data regarding it. So, the box had to be retrieved for further investigation.

Fortunately, the date of the massive list was easily found to be from 1988. The list had to be added as an “item” in the finding aid as it was too large for folders. Just as I thought there would not be anymore similar interruptions, a relabeling conundrum presented itself.

As I was encoding more folders,  one caught my attention. This folder had the label of “Confidential.” Yesterday, I had overheard Ms. Rubin say that such phrasing is best avoided. I pondered what the new label should be that still kept the intent behind the documents. Eventually, I decided upon “Communications For Only Campaign Staff” as the most appropriate and made the necessary changes where available.

There was one more interruption that was unrelated to coding: Mr. Benjamin asked me for assistance in removing gum from one of the armrests on one of the chairs from the fifth floor study hall. Apparently, the armrest made contact with gum that was stuck to the bottom of the desk it was assigned to. We tried various different cleaning solutions and wipes to remove the gum’s adhesiveness, some were more effective than others.  Eventually, we reached a point that the armrest was acceptably clean. Mr. Benjamin thanked me and returned the chair.

As my shift came to end, I was in the midst of Box 55’s folders. I quickly checked how many boxes were left in the series and I was pleasantly informed that Box 58 was the last in the series. I saved my progress, logged off from the computer, and said farewell to the staff as I left for the day.

In review, eight boxes were encoded in the finding aid, two entries had to edited, and gum was cleaned from a chair. Next week, the Campaign Files Series and the City Commissioner Files Series should be completed by the end of the week. Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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