September 27, 2018 – “Checkered Flag!”

Hello, everyone!

On the surface, the activities at the archives were nonchalant today. No special announcements to post about (still waiting on confirmation of when the transfer to ArchiveSpace will happen) and certainly there was no emergency situations to speak of. Finally passing under the checkered flag with the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection was the milestone worth recording! In other words, I officially completed relabeling all the folders listed on the Excel spreadsheet and all of them have been housed accordingly. However, there are some details that may damper the celebrations.

Knowing that today was the shortest of my shifts, the determination to finishing relabeling all of the folders in Box 78 of the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection was the main goal to accomplish. After retrieving the box, I immediately sharpened my pencils and began relabeling the remaining folders. While in the midst of the monotonous task, I noticed some of the “undated” folders could be dated based on the captured photographic evidence (a picture featuring an award with “December 1989” engraved on it was the most notable). One of these folders brought great joy in deciphering and the subject was Senator Stuart’s visit to Daytona International Speedway.

None of the photographs featured had indicators of when exactly the photograph was taken. The clues that unraveled the mystery came in the form of Senator Stuart’s pictures with certain NASCAR Drivers and their vehicles. The first driver was identified by a message on the back of one the photographs that was signed by “D. Brooks.” The car featured was number 7, sponsored by 7-Eleven. After some research, the driver was formally identified as Richard “Dick” Brooks (1942-2006; died of pneumonia) and based on the car’s information, he drove that particular car in 1980.

Not all of the photographs were from the same year, though. Another photograph featured Senator Stuart standing with later-identified Bobby Allison (he was inducted into the 2011 Class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame) and his number 28 Hardee’s sponsored car. Allison drove that car from 1981 to 1982. Finally, Senator Stuart had his photograph taken with Bill Elliott (he was inducted into the 2015 Class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame) and his Coors-sponsored number 9 car, which Elliot drove in 1985. On a side note, my brother and I had a chance to meet Bill Elliott at Daytona when we were children (we were NASCAR fans at the time and some of my relatives still are).

Aside from the side examination of Senator Stuart’s visit to Daytona in the early 1980s, the rest of the relabeling process was relatively quick. In spite of the short amount of time the Thursday shift has, all of Box 78 was relabeled (including the last Memorabilia Series folder). If the entire process had gone according to plan, I would truly be done with this stage of preparing the collection. Unfortunately, a box and a half-box of folders managed to evade the initial gathering and remained unattended.

As a result, one of the final tasks is to locate the appropriate series for each of them, relabel them, and place them into their appropriate box in the series. The contents of some of the boxes will probably need to be reshuffled to leave enough space for the new folders. I had just finished administering three of these folders when my departure time arrived. I said farewell to the staff and left for the day.

In review, Box 78 was completed and the initial processing was completed along with it. Three stragglers were administered to and placed in their appropriate boxes, but a box and half-box full of similar folders remain (not to mention some of the boxes need further processing that the means are currently unavailable). Next week, these remnants will be dealt with and perhaps the materials will arrive to complete the formal processing. Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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