September 18, 2018 – “Gradual Size Increase”

Hello, everyone!

If there was a phrase to describe today’s activities, “Gradual Size Increase” would certainly be applicable. It seemed as I inspected the contents of the other boxes in the George L. Stuart, Jr. Collection, the size of those boxes just kept increasing. The culmination of the scaling size differences occurred when I decided today was the opportune time to create a flat file for some of the larger items in the collection. The journey to such a summit began with three folders.

As I walked into the office, I was informed by Kryslynn that the network was down. In other words, I could not access the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as it was connected to all the computers through the network. This inconvenience did not deter my intentions, though. I retrieved Box 75 and resumed relabeling the remaining folders. With three folders left, relabeling them was not a hassle.

The last folder in the box was actually a folders containing a VHS tape and related documents. From prior investigations, I was aware of the half-box containing thirteen VHS tapes and another half-box containing seven U-Matic tapes. Since all of them were under the Videos Subseries of the Multimedia Series, I decided the wisest choice was to have all of them placed in the same box.

While retrieving a spare box as well as all of the video tapes in question, Mr. Ogreten worked diligently to restore network connection. By the time I had gathered all of the subseries, Mr. Ogreten succeeded in restoring the network. I quickly opened the Excel spreadsheet and began recording the video information where appropriate. I noticed several of the tapes did not immediately have a date ascribed to them, so I planned to eventually review them at the week (unfortunately, the U-Matic tapes cannot be reviewed as the archives do not have the means to play them).

While I was recorded the provided information from the VHS tapes, one of them was already in a case (as previously mentioned, the rest need cases). When I opened it, some forms were inside and I retrieved a folder to place the related material. With the video subseries largely handled for the time being, I retrieved the oversized item boxes.

The contents of the first box contained two folders, but those folders had intact newsletters and newspapers, respectively, that would not fit inside the normal boxes used for the collections. The only challenge was learning the date range of the contents of each folder as I relabeled them. After both folders were relabeled, I retrieved the second oversized item box.

The second oversized item box was peculiar as the items inside related to George Stuart’s campaigns for Orlando City Councilman of District 2 and the 1990 gubernatorial election. The latter was fascinating because they were the drafts and production molds for the signs, logos, brochures, fliers, invitations used by Stuart’s campaign. I was fascinated by this discovery as I flipped through them. Every aspect of the invitation prototypes were marked for measuring to precise as possible and such thoughts lead to the conclusion that careful thought went to designing each movement the campaign. Nonetheless, I finished relabeling the folders in the oversized boxes and retrieved a box containing a scrapbook.

The scrapbook in question was once filled with articles related to Senator Edmund Sixtus Muskie, a Democrat who ran as for President of the United States in the 1970s. The scrapbook has since been dissected with one file folder containing the loose pages of the scrapbook, another containing the covers of the scrapbook, and a folder that contained  reproductions of the scrapbook. All of which were relabeled and the box was returned to its shelf space.

With all of these extra boxes taken care of, there were few options left to work on next. I chose to create the flat file for some of the largest items in the collection. Thankfully, Mr. Ogreten was able to help manage the cumbersome task of straightening the curling sides of the would-be flat file. After some trial and error that included trimming the flat file’s excess ratios, the flat was ready for its contents. Unfortunately, my shifted ended as I returned the newly created flat file to the flat file cabinets. As I bid farewell to the staff, I prioritized the next steps in the future for the collection.

In review, I relabeled all of the folders in Box 75, the scrapbook box, the two oversized item boxes, and the two folders in the video subseries box (which was assembled, too). In addition, the flat file for the larger items was created as well. Tomorrow (or in the near future), the videos that were marked as “undated” will be reviewed for information on the original recording dates. Certainly, labeling all of the flat file material will be considered afterwards. Until then, enjoy the rest of the afternoon and  stay safe! Bye!


Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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