August 6, 2018 – “Opposition Research”

Welcome to another week of retelling events from the point of view of an employee working at the University of Central Florida Library Special Collections and University Archives!

As reported from last week, today technically starts the short vacation in between semesters. But, my work in the archives is not included in that vacation. As such, the goal of completing the George L. Stuart Collection has been moved closer as the result of today’s work. To best summarize the details of the day, everything seemed very quiet.

Like every Monday, the first act I conducted after entering the office was gathering the Lysol wipes and a fresh pair of blue latex gloves in order to clean the fifth floor silent study hall. In the past I had once thought of moving my start time on Mondays to 9:00 AM, but the risk of more students sitting at the desks increasing with each hour dissuade such intentions. Nevertheless, there were less than five students in the hall at the time and interactions with them were nonexistent.  The cleaning processes itself was completed within twenty minutes as there not a lot of desks that needed such attention (a reprieve from the last few weeks).

After finishing the cleaning duties, I logged in to a computer and printed my timesheet to be turned in. I later found out from David Benjamin that Ms. Rubin was not going to come in to the office today. So, I signed two copies and placed them in her inbox for her to sign tomorrow (hopefully).

With those objectives completed, I resumed the relabeling of folders in Box 54. There were a few folders that required extra attention as the contents contained metal staples that had to be removed. I also made note of the contents of “miscellaneous”-labeled folders for future reference. But, the key feature between Box 54 and Box 55 was a third of folders contained opposition research on Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, whom George L. Stuart, Jr. ran against in the gubernatorial primary election of 1990.

A thought came to mind regarding the fact that Senator Nelson has been involved in politics longer than I have been alive! Nevertheless, to have a portion of the series to be devoted on his political opponent, I wondered if Stuart would have had a similar portion to Governor Bob Martinez had he won the primary? The answer will never be known.

Box 54 did not take long to finish, but I underestimated Box 55’s contents. The number of folders bogged down the process to the point where the likelihood of starting Box 56 diminished to nothing. Despite this disappointment, Box 55 was completed before I left for the day.

To review, the fifth floor silent study hall was cleaned, my timesheet was turned in and signed, and Boxes 54 and 55 were completed, Tomorrow’s work will commence with Boxes 56, 57, and maybe 58. Courtney will continue retrieving folders, but maybe she will finish the Campaign Files series, too? This question will certainly be answered tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the rest of the evening and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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