July 24, 2018 – “Benchmark”

Hello, everyone!

A monumental benchmark was reached today as the fortieth box in the George L. Stuart Collection was processed! This means the Senate Files series will consist of nearly half the entire collection! This accomplishment could not have been achieved without the help of Courtney. Dispensing the fanfare for a moment, there were some details that need better explanation (including a momentary interruption slightly halted progress). Thus, the report of today will commence.

After greeting Courtney this morning, I glanced inside the collection room. Like yesterday, there were workers wiring cables. However, the workers and their craft did not impede our own task. I printed a new list for Courtney to fetch files from the collection and resumed relabeling folders from Box 38. Initially, I was keeping pace with Courtney and was completing folders as fast she was retrieving them. This did not last as the amount of folders retrieved increased.

When I completed Box 38 and began Box 39, Courtney discovered one of the missing folders we could not find earlier. Unfortunately, this folder was a Senate Bill folder and was to be placed in Box 32. Due to the size of the folder, all the folders from Boxes 32 to 36 had to be reshuffled to accommodate the new folder. The deed was done by laying out the boxes in the reading room and taking enough of the back folders so there was space. Of course, this meant updating the Excel spreadsheet to reflect the changes as well. After settling the matter, I returned the boxes to their appropriate places on the shelves.

While Courtney resumed retrieving folders, Mr. Ogreten presented two documents with specific directions to place them in certain folders in the collection. After determining these documents’ place in the collection, the task of adding them to the collection was given to Courtney. Mr. Ogreten also spoke to me that he will be taking two weeks off very shortly and wanted to review the Campaign Files with me as he believed the Senate Files will be done perhaps by the end of this week. After addressing his concerns, I resumed relabeling folders.

I completed Box 39 and began Box 40, while Courtney was given a new list. This list featured the end of the “S” folders and began “T” folders. Maybe Mr. Ogreten was right that we would finish this series by the end of the week. I have my doubts, but certainly I believe we will finish by the middle of next week. While processing Box 40, a grave error in time awareness was made. I had thought I was leaving at 12:00 PM (residual Monday mentalities), so I was preparing to do so until I remembered today was Tuesday as I was walking out the door.

After correcting my blunder, I resumed relabeling folders in Box 40. I had just finished relabeling all the “Speech” folders (speeches George L. Stuart made while Senator, to be exact) when my actual departure time approached. After cleaning my work area and saving my data, I put the remaining boxes away and said farewell to everyone. Then, I actually left for the day.

For tomorrow, I need to complete Box 40, Box 41, and maybe Box 42. The latter might be difficult to to do within my timespan, but to do so will be an optional. Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the evening and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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