June 27, 2018 – “Belated Birthday Celebration”

Hello, everyone!

Today was a day of unexpected surprises. Originally, the staff at the archives scheduled a belated birthday celebration for myself and Chris Saclolo (who was away when his birthday passed) as well as a going away party for Kae (her last day will be on Friday). However, an abrupt interruption of the festivities cut the amount of time set aside short. All of these events happened and the work regarding the George L. Stuart Collection has not been mentioned, yet. So, to have a more in-depth examination of the day’s events, the report will start with the goals of the day.

The objective for the day was to complete Box 10 before Kae arrived (or anyone else be assigned to assist me). While no one was assigned to assist me today, I was able to complete the relabeling of the folders in relative fashion and accomplished my goal. However, starting the new Box 11 became problematic. While retrieving two folders regarding Drexel Burnham Lambert, I discovered the large documents were not in the box indicated in the spreadsheet, Box 77.

Frantically, I searched through Boxes 78 through 84 but to no avail. I redoubled my efforts by searching through boxes 46 through 76. To my relief, the documents in question were found in Box 76. After retrieving the documents, I adjusted the spreadsheet to reflect my findings. Despite finishing the “D” files, the whole ordeal wasted valuable time and I was unable to finish Box 11.

But, a momentary break came in the form of the belated birthday and going away party. Three pizzas, donuts, sodas, tea, and Boston cream pie bars (an unexpected dessert, for sure) were among the edible delights and I received a birthday card from everyone. After thanking everyone for the card, a pleasant conversation about last weekend, Universal Studios, Disney, kept evolving with topics. Unfortunately, the merriment ended abruptly thanks to a fire alarm.

After evacuating the building, the possible origins of the triggering of the alarm was discussed. The most plausible explanation was the workers on the first floor had struck the water pipes, which activated the fire alarms (not sure why, but the system apparently is set up accordingly as such). I notified everyone that I would place my birthday card in my car and after returning, I discovered everyone was being let back into the library.

After returning to the office, everyone helped clean the conference table before resuming their normal work stations. As noted before, I did not finish Box 11 by the time for my departure came. But, finishing Box 10 and the “D” folders are a nice consolation prize.

With the report concluded, my objectives for tomorrow are clear. First, finish Box 11 and, second, be sure to thank Kae for everything has done to help me. Tomorrow will be the last time I see her. Tomorrow’s entry will be bittersweet as a result. Until then, have a good night and stay safe! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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