June 14, 2018 – “Closing the Orphanage”

Hello, everyone!

There is some great news to be shared: all of the hardships endured this week have finally produced the desired results! The efforts made today ensured the closing of the “George L. Stuart, Jr.’s Box of Orphaned Documents” as said documents were finally placed into their appropriate folders. The next phase of the processing was also started: Recategorizing the collection’s Excel spreadsheet. The details of these steps and much more will be revealed through the report.

The report begins with my arrival at the archives. After the initial routines, I noticed on the calendar in the archives that my name was under cleaning duty for next Monday. I confirmed with Chris Saclolo that, indeed, next Monday begins the new responsibility of checking the silent study hall on the fifth floor. In future reports, these details will be included from this point forward. However, other important tasks had to be resolved as well.

Among the tasks for today was establishing the timesheet for the next two weeks. At first glance, such a task may seem trivial. However, Ms. Rubin had spoken about adjusting my hours. After confirming what time it was in California in relation to the Eastern Time Zone, I sent a text to Ms. Rubin concerning the issue. Eventually, the solution was to proceed as normal until she returned (which will be next week). Therefore, my timesheet reflected this decision.

The actual archival work revolved around the George L. Stuart Collection. Once again, the main objective was to relocate the “orphaned” documents into the collection. Fortunately, Kae Lorentz returned from being very ill! Her expertise evaporated many of the problems that plagued this week in record time! In short time, the spreadsheet was updated and documents were placed into new folders.

Among these documents were the Drexel Burnham Lambert documents mentioned in a previous entry. The three documents were divided with 1988 documents placed in Box 77 and 1987 Documents placed in Box 76 (both boxes had plenty of room for the large files). With these documents now added properly into the collection, Mr. Ogreten was notified with the progress.

The next step unfortunately required one person and this was to reorganize the spreadsheet (again) to be compliant with new format. Kae opted to perform this task, thus left myself without anything to do. I talked with Mr. Ogreten and he temporarily assigned me to help one of the interns, Sarah Ryschkewitsch, with the SeaWorld Collection. Specifically, I helped her move the flat files of the collection back to the cabinet they came from. Certainly, not a difficult task but this briefly kept myself occupied.

But, by the end of my time, Kae had not finished the reorganization of the spreadsheet. If she had not finished this task by closing time, then I will continue (and hopefully finish) the task.  Nonetheless, the main objective of the week was completed and the next phase was started. This means the “orphanage” is now closed for the time being. So, until the next entry, enjoy the rest of evening. Bye!


Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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