June 8, 2018 – “Unexpected Miscalculations”

Hello, everyone!

While today’s activities will not seem as voluminous as the previous days of this week, there are some worthwhile events to record. Today seemed to continue the trope of unexpected surprises that George L. Stuart Collection had in store for myself and Kae. However, there was a momentary break where Ms. Rubin took me and the interns to see part of the interview process by an employee candidate. There are also some details that will be mentioned along the way in this account, but not enough to mention in this opening paragraph. Nevertheless, this recollection begins at 9:00 AM this morning.

As stated in a previous post, I was determined to do some file merging before the candidate interview. But, I first had to make sure my time sheet was turned in before the end of the day. As I turned them in to to Ms. Rubin, she mentioned that she was preparing  to be going on a trip soon and would not back until  June 18. However, she looked at my time sheet and said that when she returned that we would renegotiate my hours. As long as the hours are agreeable, then this is not an issue.

After my meeting with Ms. Rubin, I gathered boxes 70-74 of the George L. Stuart Collection and prepared to merge files. I was able merge a couple of files and update the spreadsheet accordingly, however I encountered a curious folder with no real descriptor. So, I pulled out the folder and did some investigation of its contents. The folder contained documents of responses to media questionnaires by the campaigns of Senator Bill Nelson (Stuart’s primary opponent) and Florida Governor Robert Martinez (had Stuart won his primary, Martinez would have been his general election opponent), followed by responses to them by Stuart’s campaign. After removing the staples and replacing them with Platiklips, I relabeled the folder “Campaign Responses.”

About this time, I returned the boxes to the cart as I set myself to attend the interview. The four of us (Ms. Rubin, two interns, and myself) went to the presentation room on the first floor and sat in the back. As everyone from the library staff began sitting down, the setting become more that this stage of the interview process was more of a presentation than a question-and-answer session (though, this was saved for last). The employee candidate was Vanessa Garofalo and her presentation was titled “How to Create Engaging Instructional Videos.”

Mrs. Garofalo has fourteen years of experience of working in academic libraries and was savvy with social media (her husband apparently is a videographer who helped her with video editing software as well). The highlights of her presentation were explaining steps for video creation, the tools used for video creation, what platforms to use, how to test the videos, and other tips in creating videos. She also explained that in 2011, she created a YouTube Channel and a video series titled “Modern Librarian Memoirs” and has an official site (http://www.modernlibrarianmemoirs.com/).

After she demonstrated some of the videos she created on her YouTube Channel, she then opened a question-and-answer session for the last thirty minutes. I may not know what the ultimate decision will be, but she does have a vision for how she will implement her expertise for the library and this alone should be considered by those in authority. At 11:00 AM, we headed back up to the fifth floor.

When we entered the door, Kae was on a computer and working on the spreadsheet. She had put boxes 70-74 away and brought out boxes 75-79 for us to work on. However, I told her that this would a good opportunity to make sure everything matched up with the spreadsheet before combining folders. She agreed, so I fetched boxes 80, 81, and the mystery box. The mystery was quickly solved as boxes 78 and 79 had been mixed up, but there was also a box not accounted for and another box that had been labeled as box 81. Theses unexpected miscalculations would have to be sorted before anymore work could be done.

Kae was clearly annoyed that there were two boxes that had not been entered into the spreadsheet at all. After labeling one as box 82 and its contents recorded into the spreadsheet, we began merging folders (the other unaccounted box was a box of lists that had not been processed. Kae said she would handle this part after I left). We managed to cut down folders to a point where box 78’s contents could be placed into a half box. So, I broke down the former box 78 and placed it on the shelf where other spare boxes were stored. The last thing I did before leaving was return boxes 80-82 to their shelf (and rearrange the shelf in the process), but Kae said she would take care of the remaining boxes.

So, after I shook her hand and thanked her for her hard work, I departed. Thinking of Mondays work, there is that box documents that need to be sorted through and be placed in appropriate folder in the collection. Other than that, there some tasks Mr. Ogreten wanted us to do before too long and we had told him we would take care of it once the merging process was done. That is all that awaits me next week.

Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay safe! Bye!


Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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