June 7, 2018 – “Momentary Interruption”

Hello, everyone!

Before regaling the day’s events, I was a little concerned with writing today’s post as I was not sure if there was anything special to write about. Most of today’s activities involved merging folders in the George L. Stuart Collection, but there were some momentary interruptions to the procedure. So, without further ado, the rest of this post will try to be as chronological as possible.

As I stepped into the office, I was determined to have a head start on the merging process. After setting out boxes 57-61 of the George L. Stuart Collection, I began seeking out folders to pair and making adjustments on the corresponding Microsoft Excel spreadsheet when pairs were found. However, there were two folders in boxes 60 and 61 that I felt should consult Kae about before doing anything with them. This lead to an epiphany regarding the batch order and at that moment was the perfect time to reset the numbers back to integrals of five.

So, I returned boxes 57-59 back their shelf and brought out 62-64 in their place. After setting them in place, I began to sort through them to find pairs. But, the first interruption of the day came in the form of David Benjamin.

Apparently, that moment was the right time to gather some of the staff (mainly those of OPS status) and walk around the silent study hall to show us our new responsibilities of keeping the study hall tidy. We are not going to be the custodial staff and conduct deep cleaning, but at the same time we are to clean minor messes and report to Mr. Benjamin of anything that requires more than that. Mr. Benjamin mentioned that he was still trying to put together a schedule of who will be responsible on what day (three times a week).

After returning back to the office, it was about the time I would take a break. However, when I came back the computer I had been using was being used by someone else. This meant any changes would have to be noted through pen and paper (well, sticky notes to be exact). It was around this time Kae came to work. I informed her of the work I had done and then resumed where I left off.

Everything seemed to function swiftly as more files were merged (and noted through sticky notes) until a second interruption momentarily stopped procedures. In one of the boxes, the both of us noticed that two very large archival inappropriate folders were still in the collection. These folders contained information about the events from March and April of 1990 that State Senator Stuart either attended or at least invited to. Our worst fears were confirmed that the contents of said folders had processed properly as the metal paper clips and staples made this fact more evident.

So, we both took a folder and began processing them. Kae took the April folder and I took the March folder. Based on the content of each folder, we estimated that three archival appropriate folders would be enough to contain this large mass. After the folders were labelled, we began removing the metal clips and staples and replaced them with Platiklips (https://b3.net/pages/plastiklips). The process is monotonous, but not very difficult (be wary of papers that are stapled together and are close in proximity of each other. The optical illusion of them all being stapled together could lead to disastrous consequences). This took some time to complete, but afterwards we resumed our work.

After being confidently satisfied with our progress, boxes 65-69 were sifted through next. A third of that batch had folders stuffed to their limits and could not possibly have more content added to them. This circumstance made things easier to merge what folders there was, though. Fortunately, a computer was no longer being used and Kae took advantage of the opportunity to update the spreadsheet accordingly. While she made these changes, I took a lunch break.

During my break, I found I had received my first direct deposit from the Library! This revelation was rather pleasing and I began looking forward to many more to come. After taking care of some financial responsibilities, I enjoyed my lunch before returning to the office.

After returning, Ms. Rubin informed us that there was an interview tomorrow by the library with a candidate. We would be allowed to sit in on the proceedings of the interview, which would begin at 10:00 AM. It would be an opportunity to get a glimpse of the hiring process for a librarian (the process itself is almost an all day affair). Since I will be there at 9:00 AM, I will do what I can to recollect the proceedings in tomorrow’s post.

However, to return to today’s events, both Kae and I felt that boxes 65-69 were done at the moment and decided to move on to boxes 70-74. Though there was some merging done with the folders contained in those boxes, time became the deciding factor. I shook Kae’s hand and praised our efforts that we were almost through this initial phase before leaving the office for the day.

So, this concludes the report of today’s event. Tomorrow, I intend to get some work done in merging folders but it may be brief due to the interview I will be attending. It is unknown how long this part of the interview will be or how long we will be allowed to observe it. I am not even sure if this will consume all of my time tomorrow.

Nonetheless, whatever happens will be recorded here. Until then, enjoy the rest of the evening! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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