June 4, 2018 – “Some Assembly Required”

Hello, everyone!

I apologize for the delay, but today was a stressful day for me. However,  the causes have nothing to do with my time with the archives. In fact, today’s work was relatively stress free. There were some unexpected surprises in store as well as significant work done in relation to the Howard W. Eves Audio Cassette Collection (confirmed official name). I general, aspect was an enjoyable experience.

After placing my backpack in my locker, I noticed on the message board that Kae had the day off (she was moving to a new apartment). As such, this was an opportune moment to finish the remaining work left on the Howard W. Eves Audio Cassette Collection. I met with Mr. Ogreten regarding the resolution for the collection from Friday’s meeting and the official name was confirmed. This meant the physical materials could be labeled.

Most of the day’s work involved labeling the CD sleeves and the CDs themselves. While a pencil was used for the sleeves, a Ticonderoga RediSharp + with a permanent fine point from the 98200 series (a product to have for future archivists) was used for labeling the actual CDs. A small problem arose when the marker began to run dry, but fortunately a second one was found in the storage supply cabinet. Eventually, this phase of labeling was completed.

The next phase was the labeling of the the cassettes. The cassettes themselves did not need labeling, but the cases needed a more archival appropriate label. The frivolous question of what kind of paper should the new labels be on was answered by Mr. Ogreten (I wanted to be sure, just in case) to use regular printing paper. The labels were made from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and, after much trial and error, the right dimensions were found to make the label for the spine of the case was found. Unfortunately, this work was interrupted due to an urgency for person.

Mr. Benjamin (who insisted for me to call him “David,” for the sake of being casual) and Mr. Ogreten asked for my assistance to carry wood planks to the first floor. The wood planks were not heavy, so it was on easy task. Once inside the room 150, the wood planks were delivered but a new task that was completely unexpected awaited me. I had to help Mr. Ogreten assemble a flat file cabinet. Certainly a task that did not come to mind when thinking of archivists’ job descriptions.

The task felt very familiar to some of the projects my mother involves herself with. From moving the cabinet on top of one of the wood planks that was placed on another cabinet to reinserting the drawers and installing the handles, this was a familiarity about the whole experience. This task did not take too long to complete and the cabinet was ready for use.

Unfortunately, I did not finish labeling the cassettes. That will be among tomorrow’s tasks along with labeling the box itself and continuing to merge folders in the George L. Stuart Collection. At least, that is the plan. The results will be posted tomorrow, so until then take care! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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