February 14, 2018 – “Roadside Stands and License Plates”

Hello, everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day), but as for myself it was another day at the University of Central Florida Library’s Special Collections and University Archives. There were some updates conducted on past collections as well as the one I am currently working on, the Arthur S. Barclay Collection, that encompass the work that was entailed. Yet, there were some obstacles along the way as well. This will be better explained as this post will no delve into the day’s events.

The first notable event happened as I walked in the door. Ms. Rubin and Mr. Ogreten pulled me aside and explained to me my new locker situation. I no longer have my own locker and for now on I am to be using Locker Two, which has been designated as the general locker for volunteers. At least I have a place to put my backpack still. After making the appropriate entry into my spreadsheet, it was time to get started on the day’s work.

I checked with Mr. Ogreten regarding any files about the Arthur S. Barclay Collection. He unfortunately reported there were no documentation regarding when the collection was donated to the the university library. He said was going to attempt to find something regarding the collection through the archived emails from the past heads of the acquisition department. If nothing comes up, then what is in the administrative file is the only documentation that can be relied on. The last piece of business was finally putting the new updates the United Daughters of the Confederacy Medal Collection’s finding aid (feel free to click this link to see the new changes: http://ucfarchon.fcla.edu/?p=collections/controlcard&id=238).

After checking in with Mr. Ogreten, I settled down with making notes regarding the research done for the identity of the Dr. Barclay’s mystery vehicle. Thanks to Professor Gordon, the identity of the manufacturer was revealed to be International Harvester. From that information, I narrowed down the vehicle to be a B-120 Travelall. Though, I for sure do not know if it is a 1959 model (http://www.fourwheeler.com/project-vehicles/129-1211-1959-international-harvester-b120-travelall/) or a 1960 model, but given that Dr. Barclay was hired in 1960 by the Department of Agriculture, this confirmation narrowed down when the accident took place: either 1961 or 1962 (based an inscription of a group of slides of datura plants that looked familiar to the rest of the photographs from the southwestern United States which is where Dr. Barclay mostly worked during this time period). A printed out photographs of both models and added them to the administrative file as references. While this was a major breakthrough, there were setbacks.

An attempt was made to discover where this accident took place by scanning a photograph of the accident that revealed the front of the Travelall as well as a roadside stand. After putting the resolution as high as the the scanner would allow for the photograph would allow, two croppings were made: one for the stand and other was for the license plate of the Travelall. Unfortunately, despite my editing efforts (though someone more skilled would probably do a better job), the license plate remain illegible as well as the sign next to the roadside stand. For the remainder of my time I searched through 1960 roadside signs of the southwestern U.S. as well as started looking through license plates of that era to help identify these clues. With this, the collection now is at a standstill unless Mr. Ogreten’s search the email archives yields much needed information.

That is all what happened on the Valentine’s Day of 2018 for me. Just a reminder, there will be no post next week as I will be an exam proctor during the time would normally be volunteering. Hopefully when I do return, Mr. Ogreten will have more information regarding the Arthur S. Barclay Collection’s acquisition waiting for me to begin the final steps of processing. Until then, stay safe and I will post again in two weeks! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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