Week 11 Review: October 30 – November 3, 2017

This is the weekly review of October 30 to November 3, 2017. Before the actual review begins, there is some exciting news to announce: The Michael O’Shaughnessy Collection Finding Aid is now available online! Here is the link: http://ucfarchon.fcla.edu/index.php?p=collections/controlcard&id=237 If time is available, please take some time explore the hard work to was poured into making this finding aid a reality. Also, the minimum requirement of one hundred fifty hours has been reached. From this point forward, it will be a march towards the maximum of one hundred eighty hours. Time is of the essence, so without further delay, here are week’s events.

On Monday, the final two reading assignments were given. The first article is titled “Cultivating Serendipity: A Visit to the New York Times ‘Morgue’” by Stephen Hiltner and published by The New York Times  that tells of Jeff Roth, the only filer of a vast archive of news clippings, photographic prints, book and periodical library, microfilm records, and much more owned by The New York Times that dates back to the late nineteenth century. The second article is titled “Anna Caceres about volunteering with the GNM Archive” by Anna Caceres and published by The Guardian. Caceres writes of her own personal experience of sifting through The Guardian’s archives and the materials that were encountered. Links are provided on Monday’s daily post.

The rest of the time was the continued research of the United Daughters of the Confederacy medals. The history of the Southern Cross of Honor is fairly well-documented, but the Crosses of Military Service proved to be much more of a challenge. A document by a Texas Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy helped narrow down sources for the World War One Cross of Military Service to flesh out its history. But the research would continue into Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the archives celebrated Halloween by being decorated as the Imperial Archives from Star Wars: Rogue One and guests could try their hand at stealing the Death Star plans. A board was set up with cards that had pictures of the discs used in the Imperial Archives on the Planet Scarif. Participants had to pick one and flip it over to see if they picked the right one. If they did, they got a star crunch candy. If they did not, then they got other candies like spicy Starburts. The pleasure of escorting Ms. Rubin through a “Galactic Tour” of all the departments of the library was enjoyable at the end of the day, but work had to be done first.

It was discovered that there was a newspaper article featuring Michael O’Shaughnessy from 2006 in the processed file. Naturally, that meant it needed to be added to the collection. After placing it in the appropriate folder in the collection and changing the file heading slightly, all that had to be done is replicate the edit in the finding aid and this took no time at all.

I continued my research into the history behind the medals by browsing through the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the United Daughters of the Confederacy reports from 1919, 1921, and 1922 to discover how the Cross of Military Service was created. Unfortunately, while researching the Philippine Insurrection Cross of Military Service, the crucial Minutes of the Annual Contention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy reports regarding the history of the medal are not readily available. But, I was able to accomplish the task of printing and filing the pictures Chris Saclolo took of the medals in their original display case.

On Friday, the finding aid for the the medals was being coded after consultation with the staff to hammer out the finer details. However, the computer with the scanner was occupied and the work that needed to be done with it would have to wait until next week. Another attempt at securing more information on the medals was made, but the attempt yielded no progress. A note was made in the coding for future archivists on what sources to consult on the other medals should the means become available.

This ends the review. Hopefully, Ms. Rubin will be able to be consulted on finishing the medal finding aid next week. Also, that work that requires the scanner needs to be accomplished will be completed on Monday. But until then, please enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe. Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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