October 23, 2017 – “Crossing the Finish Line”

Welcome back to another week of exciting developments. One chapter is closing and a new one is beginning. That is right! The O’Shaughnessy Collection is in its final stages and it is a bitter sweet moment. The weeks of processing the information has reached its finale and while it is pleasing to see it finally done, those moments will be missed. But, would be appropriate to start this swan song from the beginning.

The final tasks for the O’Shaughnessy Collection came as it was time to fetch the film reels that had been sitting on the first floor while the rest of the collection was nearly ready. But, this threw off the order of the box arrangement to had been meticulously crafted. The film reels would have been included as part of the Media section and should have been box three. Instead it is now box ten due to the Photographs being in box three. There were other hiccups along the way as I was coding in the last materials into the new finding aid.

The memorabilia in box seven (O’Shaughnessy’s football cleats, the football from the first home game, the basketball jersey, etc.) were not as processed as their counterparts in box eight. So, the acid-free paper roll was brought out and made sure to cut out the appropriate sizes for O’Shaughnessy’s football uniform pants, the basketball jersey, his Inaugural Football Team jacket, a pair of socks, and finally two towels (each getting their own sheet). That did not seem to be the end of these tasks, though.

Ms. Rubin pleasantly informed that the new boxes had arrived and that some of the boxes previously mentioned were going to be replaced. While it was easy to replace the boxes containing the smaller items (some did not even need to be replaced at all), boxes seven and eight were going to be replaced entirely. That means constructing new boxes to house them. Luckily, instructions to do so were on the back of them. One of the raw boxes was placed on a chair so the instructions were visible while other was being constructed. It was not perfect, but eventually the first one was constructed and the second one was constructed much quicker. All that was left was to rehouse the contents and place the labels on the boxes, which did not take too long.

With those minor alterations completed, Ms. Rubin guided me through a template on constructing the rest of the finding aid. Aside from a open tag/closed tag issues as well as a cry for attention by an old friend, ampersand, the process was fairly easy. After copying and pasting the materials I had been coding into the new finding aid, all that was left was some minor touch-ups. Alas, time was running out and there were a few more edits to make before completion of the finding aid was solidified. Unfortunately, they would not dealt with in the time remaining.

This concludes the regaling of the riveting experience of the final moments of working on the O’Shaughnessy Collection. The next post will be the finale and the next “job” will begin. Until then, take care and have a pleasant evening. Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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