Week Eight Review: October 9 – October 13, 2017

This is the weekly review of October 9 – October 13, 2017. Among the news and updates of the week, apparently there was a bear sighting at Knight Plaza on Thursday, October 12. An e-mail was sent to students cautioning to be on alert and gave advice on what to do should said bear be encountered. There is security camera footage of the bear, but the bear has not been encountered since. Other than that, Spirit Splash was on Friday, but that will be covered later in the review. As it should, this review will begin on Monday.

On Monday, upon signing in, a reading assignment was waiting: an article by Erin Lawrimore titled “Avoiding Kamino’s Fate: Archives, Archivists, and the Preservation of Works of Fandom” that was published by The Learned Fangirl (Please see Monday’s post for the link). Aside from that, there was a reorganization of the existing boxes of the collection that set apart the ephemera from the documents, the media in their own boxes, photographs in their own boxes, etc. The remaining three unprocessed boxes were retrieved from the first floor and one of them had their contents examined. It was a memorabilia box that included a basketball jersey (not sure if it is a UCF jersey, though), Michael O’Shaughnessy’s cleats, his pants for his football uniform, a pair of socks, a towel, his jacket from that era, and a football that says it came from the first UCF home game that was against the Fort Benning Doughboys on September 29, 1979.

The most time consuming task was recording the contents of a box that contained publications (magazines, game programs, etc.) into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Two-thirds of the box managed to be recorded before the days end. This would remain as top priority for the next day.

On Tuesday, there was another reading assignment waiting: “Webcomics and Web Cultures Archives Now on loc.gov” by Gale Osterberg on the Library of Congress website (see Tuesday’s post for the link).  After reading this, attention was turned to completing the publications box. It did not take as long as previously thought and Ms. Rubin wanted the contents to be separated between New Titles (publication is new to the library and archives), New Items (publication is in the library and archive, but the item is a new addition) and Collection Items (there are three or more copies of the same item, so them item in question will remain in the collection). After which, they were taken to Ms. Rubin’s desk for to further work with.

The posters that were under the flat file were sorted and reunited with a 2004 collage poster that was already in the archives, but they were still in need of flattening. This time they were placed in the cabinet together until further notice. Aside from updating the finding aid prototype document, that all of Tuesday’s work.

On Friday, the rest of the finding aid prototype was updated to its current state in terms of content. The third box was finally processed where its memorabilia was separated: four hats were placed in a separate box, a loose cloth that may have belonged to a shirt and a UCF logo that were set placed in the miscellaneous ephemera folder, and the remaining shirts were placed in acid-free sheets of paper and were cut out to be back into their box. Friday also happened to be Spirit Splash Day and Ms. Rubin allowed a thirty minute break to observe the festivities. But due to a miscommunication on when it begun, only the last portion of it was only to be observed. Shortly after, Friday’s work came to an end.

This ends the weekly review of week eight. If anymore updates or news become available, they will be posted accordingly. Until then, enjoy the weekend.

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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