October 13, 2017 – “Spirit Splash”

Welcome back, everyone!

Today was a day of excitement as it was Spirit Splash Day on the Main Campus of the University of Central Florida, but at the archives it was business as usually. Do not worry, there will be an account of what was witnessed later. There was work done, however, in regards to the collection and that will be the starting point.

First, it should be addressed that coding did not start today. That will have to be done next week, probably. The task that was started was finishing making entries for the newspapers in the collection in the finding aid prototype. It did not take long and after noticing that I had not made a record of the large photographs that were in the same box, I proceeded to make entries in the finding aid for them.

At first, it was easy: some of the photographs had labels on them and it was just a matter of typing in the information available. In fact, there was a 1979 roster & schedule photograph and and a 1980 version which would come helpful later. The hard part came when there were no labels on the photographs. I used the roster list to identify the players in the photographs and describe the actions portrayed by them as a means of identification. After this, Ms. Rubin gave me instructions in how to process the last memorabilia box.

After opening the box, there were four hats, a loose cloth that may have belonged to a shirt, and a UCF logo that were set aside. The latter would be placed in the miscellaneous ephemera folder and the hats would have their own box. The rest of the items were shirts ranging from various aspects of Michael O’Shaughnessy’s life: UCF football shirts from 1979-1980s, UCF baseball t-shirts (he was on the Knights baseball team as well as football team), and even a black polo shirt that he wore while working with the Sunshine Network. As per Ms. Rubin’s instructions, the shirts were placed in acid-free sheets of paper and were cut out to be placed back into their box. I made sure to log in each item into the finding aid before placing them on top of each other in the box.

This processing took most of my time, but eventually it was done. Even now, the question of should the memorabilia in the other box get the same comes up. Then, there were the hats. It took some help from the other interns to find a suitable box and when presenting the box, Ms. Rubin passed on the information that new boxes were coming and the boxes that were being used for the O’Shaughnessy Collection could be replaced. The ever evolving complexion of this collection has not stopped. This last task I did was made record of the folders in the photograph box and even this is temporary as the photographs need to be resorted.

Aside from the challenges of the day, Ms. Rubin made allowance of a thirty minute break that we could use to observe the Spirit Splash festivities. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication were it was thought to start at 2:00 PM when in fact it started at 1:00 PM. By the time that mistake was realized, were only able to watch the last fifteen minutes of it. What we did see were a performance by the cheerleaders, the dance team, antics by the mascot Knightro, and the culmination where rubber ducks were tossed into the crowd that was gathered in the fountain. After it ended and the area was cleared out, it was time to resume where our work was left off from.

That was today’s activities, but there will be a weekly review posted later. If that is of no interest, then this is the departure for the weekend. Until next Monday, stay safe and enjoy this weekend! Bye!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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