October 10, 2017 – “Additions And Reorganization”

Hello and welcome back!

Before speaking about the day’s experience, it would not be appropriate if the fact that this actually being written a day later was not addressed. Yesterday was not exactly the day for me to be writing the blog as I did not have the time to spare to do it. This is making up for it. Now that it has been addressed, it is time to move on to Tuesday’s events.

When I signed in for the day, there was an article waiting in my folder. The article is titled “Webcomics and Web Cultures Archives Now on loc.gov” by Gale Osterberg on the Library of Congress website (https://www.loc.gov/item/prn-17-087/webcomics-and-web-cultures-archives-now-on-loc-gov/2017-06-13/) and is about two new archives that were created to store webcomics and websites like the Internet Meme Database. I am familiar with webcomics and they are a fairly recent medium in the comic industry. One-Punch Man began life as a webcomic in 2009 and its popularity launched it into official serialization and eventually an animated series. After reading the article, I resumed where I left off on Monday.

I opened my Microsoft Excel sheet and resumed logging in the publications that came with the O’Shaughnessy Collection. It did not take all that long to finish task and I reported to Ms. Rubin. She then reviewed what all was there still left for me to accomplish with one being sorting the publications between New Titles (publication is new to the library and archives), New Items (publication is in the library and archive, but the item is a new addition) and Collection Items (there are three or more copies of the same item, so them item in question will remain in the collection). There were only three items that would be moved to the documents box, the rest were sorted to make it easier for Ms. Rubin to go through them later. Updating the finding aid Word Document was the the next task.

In regards to the finding document, I added the documents box, the ephemera box, and one of memorabilia boxes. The photograph box is in need of reorganization as well as the other memorabilia box, but the posters were moved from the photographs to the memorabilia and ephemera section in the document. But, after pointing there was a 2004 collage poster in the collection that had not been examined so far, Ms. Rubin and I fetched it out from the archives and decided to place the rest of the still unruly posters in the same folder. Though they were curling and still need to be flattened, they were sorted into folders that were placed in a much bigger file and were returned to the archive cabinet from which it came. Hopefully, the will be be more manageable near the end with the labeling process.

Before the end of the day, Ms. Rubin reviewed with me on what needs to be done still and we are hoping that Friday is when the actual coding will begin. I ended the day by finishing where I was in the finding aid and Ms. Rubin took the publication box to her office. She said that she would hopefully have it taken care of by Friday. After signing out, I took a cupcake and I left.

That wrapped up Tuesday. Apologies again for posting this later than normal, but this was an exceptional case. Regardless, look forward to Friday with the daily post and the weekly review. Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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