Week 5 Review: September 19 – 22, 2017

[Note to my instructor: a glitch in the system caused week five’s blog assignment to be due during week four and week six is also messed up. Not sure how it happened but if it can be fixed, please make sure it does. I do not want to lose a grade due to computer mismanagement]

This is the weekly review of September 19 – 21, 2017. The interruption of Hurricane Irma certainly changed the dynamic last week as there was no content to speak of, but this made up for it in spades. A lot occurred during the week, so trying to keep it all together will be a challenge. Nonetheless, it would be best start in chronological order.

On Monday, it was a state of recovery and retrieval in terms of setting things back to where they were before the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Among the tasks was to go down to the first floor of the library and get the boxes of the O’Shaughnessy Collection that were being processed. It was simple enough due the collection’s location. After returning to the fifth floor, priorities were shifted as Ms. Rubin and the staff available decided to down the rest of the tarps. Time was taken to assist in taking them down and the more burdensome labor of folding them, especially the more larger tarps. Eventually, the deed was done.

After that, it was time to continue where things were left off in terms of processing. The VHS tape that Michael O’Shaughnessy recorded the University of Central Florida versus University of Maine 1994 game had been past the game itself the last time it was viewed, but apparently the recording continued through thirty minutes of commercials followed by the Sunshine Network’s Public Affairs Hour that featured candidates from the 1994 Florida gubernatorial election. The footage ended in the middle of an interview with candidate Tom Gallagher.

Next was a VHS tape of a 1998 highlight reel of the Knights football season that had a tribute to Daunte Culpepper as it was his final season as a Knight. Afterward, two articles regarding Pan Am World Airways and their relationship to University of Miami’s Special Collections and the Abrams Banning Grant Award were among the weekly readings that were supposed to be assigned the previous week, but due to the hurricane they were given this week. For reference, the daily post on Monday has links to the article.

The last task that was started was reviewing the VHS footage of the Sunshine Network’s broadcast of the September 25, 1999 game between the Knights and the University of Georgia Bulldogs that is infamously known as “The Burglary Between the Hedges.” Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it had to be stopped at the third quarter. That was the end of Monday.

On Tuesday, due another intern was using the VCR, plans switched to listening to audio cassettes. Before beginning, Ms. Rubin scheduled next Tuesday to be the day to learn to process large files. There are a couple of posters in the O’Shaughnessy Collection that needs this done.  She also will be not in the office next week. As for the cassettes, three of them were consisted of parts of the Sunshine Network Radio broadcast of the Knights versus Yale game from October 2, 1993. There was a fourth one that was a five minute clip of a Knights versus Eastern Kentucky University Colonels game that was at the Citrus Bowl. There needs to be more research on this one in the future. This ended Tuesday’s tasks.

On Friday, two articles referring to video game archives were given as the weekly readings. In addition, a list of questions were included with instructions to pick three to answer then submit them via email to Ms. Rubin by October 2, 2017. When Ms. Rubin arrived, she instructed to log on to a computer. There she revealed the eventual task of updating the finding aides in the database, but there is still things to process before then. One of them was finishing reviewing the 1999 Knight versus Bulldogs game and it was completed. Once again the day ended with an incomplete task as an hour long special that aired on NBC WESH 2 from December 23, 2005 that looked back the Knights’ 2005 season as they prepared for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl that would happen the next day, followed by the fourth episode of Deal Or No Deal, and that night’s edition of NBC Dateline. This rabbit hole would need to be traveled next week.

This wraps up this week. Ms. Rubin will not be available next week, so it is unknown if the midterm evaluation will be done or if it will be done after. If it is the latter, Professor French needs to fix the assignments on Webcourses. Other than that, the review is concluded.

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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