The Review of Week Two: August 28 – September 1, 2017

This is the review of week two of my internship at the University of Central Florida Library Special Collections and University Archives. Unlike week one, this week consisted of only three days but were five hours each. Needless to say, this allowed more time for me to complete more tasks than last week and it was mainly backtracking through what I had already covered, but doing it more thoroughly. Monday was a prime example of this.

On Monday, I began my work by finishing the process of the news-clippings I began last week. I learned how to work the duplexity function on the function on the printer and tried to print a double-sided  page, but it did not work. I scrapped that idea and went with what I know and after trial and error, I completed the task. The next task was sorting through the O’Shaughnessy Collection’s ephemera (ticket stubs, parking passes, etc.). I sorted them chronologically, though at Ms. Rubin’s suggestion, I had to combine some due to lack of material from some years than others. The early 1980s and 1990s were particularly bare, but the latter half of those those decades had more material.

Before my day ended, Ms. Rubin had me log in to one of the computers and create a folder for future use since I had been approved of such last Friday. With that, that was one of the last tasks all interns had to do to be prepared for the semester. As I left, I had no clue what awaited my the next day.

On Tuesday, my task began by counting up how many DVDs, VHS cassettes, and audio cassettes were in the O’Shaughnessy Collection while Ms. Rubin created worksheets and a guide to record the necessary information. There were three VHS cassettes I watched at this time. One was a silent, black and white footage of the first game between the University of Central Florida and St. Leo College that occurred on September 21, 1979. Another was a highlight reel from 1979 that was in color and after that was home video footage filmed by Michael O’Shaughnessy himself from April 21, 1990 from the fourth annual varsity versus alumni game at the Florida Citrus Bowl. The last was another black and white footage and this time had royalty free background music for a 1979 game at Morehouse College that Knights lost to a 28 to 14 final score.

Unfortunately, I had to move in the office as another class had scheduled a visit. I shifted to watching DVDs for the remainder of my time. However, I discovered I was watching three copies of the same 1980 Football Season that featured highlights of the St. Leo 1979 game and two interviews with Coach Don Jonas and an alumni versus varsity game that I later contend was from April 15, 1988. After marking them as copies, I asked Ms. Rubin about advice on becoming an archivist and she gave me great ideas as well as contacts for me to reach out to. The day ended when I picked up a snack after putting my cart away and I left.

On Friday, I was informed that the sleeves that had been out of stock had been restocked, so I took time to finish putting the photographs in sleeves. I later found out I would need to chronologically sort them at some point, but not now. While I was doing this, I got my first glimpse of what my next project was: a medal collection from the United Daughters of the Confederacy! It seems I will be doing a lot research for it, but I am focused on dealing with the O’shaughnessy collection for now.

With no classes scheduled to interfere, I refocused on working the VHS portion of the collection. The first VHS I picked was another copy of the silent footage of the 1979 UCF versus St. Leo game. The second VHS was the next was a longer video of three games (turns out it was four) of UCF vs Morehouse College from November of 1979, UCF vs Miles College from October 4, 1980, and UCF vs Emory & Henry College also in November of 1979. The fourth game on the video was the same Morehouse College game that was on the previously mentioned VHS tape from Tuesday. More details on the video include that there was no commentary, the only game in color was the UCF vs. Miles College game, and it featured the strangest 1980s montage music to be used in a football highlight video.

The last VHS I viewed was the original source of the three DVD copies featuring the 1980 Football Season and it included the same 1979 highlight footage and the 1990 varsity versus alumni game as the previous mentioned VHS. That concluded my main work, but Ms. Rubin gave me a reading assignment for me that were two articles that made point of the fragile nature of some of the subject material in an archive. I included links to them on my daily post for Friday, if anyone is interested. Thus my week was concluded.

Before closing this review, it should be noted that there will be no blog post for Monday as it is Labor Day. Instead, there will be a post on Thursday to make up for it. Any further news or updates will be included on my blog either the day I am privy of such information as well as at the end of the week post. With no other updates, that ends this review. Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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