August 24, 2017 – “Innovative Convenience!”

Welcome back, everyone!

No new developments to announce to impede on my internship. I did meet with my classmates this morning, so I began my shift later than usual, but I did manage to get three hours logged in and then some. What occurred during in that time period can be considered rolling with the punches as the staff had to get ready for a near impromptu class visit during my time that day. I also was tasked to take the Library of Congress Classification Test and I was able to take it this time. I also was able to make progress with the O’Shaughnessey Collection.

The good news with the O’Saughnessey Collection is that I was able to finish processing the Photograph Box. I started by doubling a sleeve before asking Ms. Rubin about what to do with a photograph that was larger that any of the sleeves available. She took me in the archive room and there were some very large sleeves meant for canvas paintings and explained that sometimes they do get larger than average pictures and to make up for not have the necessary sleeves available that they would use one of those sleeves. I normally would have taught to use the cutter for the task, but I found out it was going to be used for the class that was going to be visiting later that afternoon. So, I was advised to use a pair of scissors to cannibalize the sheet. Talk about innovative convenience.

As I processed the remaining folders of the box, I was also helping direct students as they were arriving for the aforementioned class visit. I was later thanked for helping in this endeavor by the staff. I was finishing the last two folders when I had to cannibalize yet another sheet sleeve because the scrap left from the first one would not have been sufficient in covering the photograph I was processing. I ran into another problem the same photograph, now in a custom sleeve, was too long for the box. I asked Ms. Rubin on what I should do and she directed me to a shelf with empty legal case boxes that I could use.

After handing me sticker labels, I transferred the folders into their new home and the data from the previous box onto the new label. After erasing the penciled data from the old box, I returned it to the archive room. Ms. Rubin was on break, but when she returned, I asked to take the Library of Congress Classification Test.

The test was for me to able to understand and use the Library of Congress’ book classification. No books were used in the test, only index cards with letters and numbers as one would find on the spines of books that were in a library. I was to sort them and put them back in order. Once I figured out the system, it was like playing of solitaire. I had only one question and Ms. Rubin answered it perfectly that I understood. The test was not difficult, just tedious. That finished my normal three hours, but Ms. Rubin apologized that she wanted me to sit in on the class, but she forgot to bring me in. Maybe next time.

I was invited to a belated birthday party for one of the staffers and I could not refuse. I stayed a little longer than usual for that, but I could not work on the rest of the collection for lack of room, so I took a break and came back. I could not get to my belongings anyways, so I had to come back.

The party was nice and the food was delicious. With birthday wishes exalted and stomachs full, I helped clean the “conference room” (really should be considered the table in the foyer of the office) before I left. I do not know if tomorrow will be a short day or not, but I know I will be working on a new box.

That is it for today! If I get the results of my test back tomorrow, I will be sure to post about it along with my experiences with new box. That will be Friday’s post, but I will make another post that will be my review of the entire week that will be posted as my assignment. Look forward to both. Until then, have a nice day!

Author: 57r3l574d

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida and simultaneously employed by the university library's Special Collections and University Archives as a Other Personnel Service (OPS) Student. Expected to graduate in 2019 with a History MA - Public History Track.

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